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Flexible Terms & Conditions - Covid-19

For the period of the global pandemic surrounding the Covid-19 virus, the below temporary terms and conditions supersede the relevant clauses in section 8 of our normal terms and conditions. They are only valid for the given dates.

If you are not confident in booking at the moment, we recommend booking on a last minute basis, (we won't however be able to guarantee availability).

All bookings

Temporary Terms and Conditions

Winter 2021 & 2022 and Summer 2021

We have relaxed our terms and conditions and payment policies as much as possible in light of the current situation and it is solely due to our terms and conditions that we are able to function/operate as a business.

We are a small 3rd generation local French family business (operating in Morzine for over 50 years) and we are happy to take responsibility and honour your booking if:

Pure Morzine is unable to perform its contractual obligations on the start date of your booking (due to Covid-19). This may be due to:
- The resort of Morzine being closed on or before the start date of your booking.
- A ban on renting properties to tourists.
- French authorities implementing a travel ban or travel restriction (as a direct result of Covid-19).
- A lockdown in the immediate area.

We will also honour your booking if the following are in effect (due to Covid-19) for the start date of your booking:
- French borders are closed.
- Swiss borders are closed (if you have flights booked to Geneva).
- Your departure country borders are closed or strict travel restrictions are in place.
- Your government imposes a local or nationwide lockdown.
- French authorities implement a mandatory quarantine period upon entering France that covers the duration of your stay. This does not include a quarantine period due to a positive Covid test.
(Official government statements must have been published to announce these closures/restrictions.)

In these circumstances we will honour your booking and offer a refund in the means of a CREDIT NOTE that will be issued for the total amount paid to date. This credit is valid for 24 months from the start date of your cancelled booking.
Any credit note will be processed a maximum of 30 days from the start date of your cancelled booking.

You can change to a different property if you wish.

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Pure Morzine however, cannot be held liable or take responsibility if it is “open for business” and can fulfil its contractual obligations. In this instance Pure Morzine does not issue refunds or credit notes and will not pay any other compensation in the event that:

- You cancel your holiday or you decide not to travel because of Covid-19.
This includes, but is not limited to; you being unable to travel because of your travel provider (for example; airlines, ferry operators, Euro-tunnel etc.) due to disruption caused by Covid-19, disinclination to travel or having to provide a mandatory negative Covid-19 test to enter France or upon return to your country of residence.

- There is a quarantine imposed on you by your Government on return to your country of residence.

- A member or members of your group show symptoms of, or are diagnosed with Covid-19 before travelling and have to self isolate (meaning you are unable to travel).

If you or members of your group show symptoms of, or are diagnosed with Covid-19 whilst on holiday and decide/have to self isolate, Pure Morzine does not accept liability or responsibility to provide you with accommodation beyond your contracted holiday dates.

If travel restrictions occur during your booked dates and result in you having to leave your booked accommodation earlier than your departure date, it will not be possible for Pure Morzine to refund or give a credit note for any part of your accommodation cost. If you wish to make a claim on your travel insurance then we will supply any documentation you need.

Any booking cancellation or change (as per above) will be subject to our full terms and conditions, please make sure you read them in full.

NOTE: As per our standard terms and conditions, if you cancel your booking and should we be able to secure an alternative booking for the property (for the same dates), we will offer you a refund of any monies paid to date minus any other costs incurred by us.

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Comprehensive insurance with Covid cover

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Key Points:

- Covid-19 cover: Cancellation, late arrival, interruption of stay or extension of stay due to Covid-19, treatment for positive Covid-19 test, cover in case of refusal of boarding your means of transport due to high temperature, hospitalisation due to infection due to Covid-19 (or hospitalization of a loved one).

- Cancellation and interruption of stay including: Illness, accident, death, and lack of or excess snow.

- Holiday rental liability and property damage coverage.

- Repatriation assistance including medical expenses and winter sports cover (equivalent to Snow Risk insurance).

- Insurance for your sports equipment with equipment rental in case of breakage or theft.

- Many other guarantees to allow you to spend your holiday in complete peace of mind.

- Price: 4.25% of the cost of your booked accommodation.

- The insurance policy will need to taken out a maximum of 5 days after you have booked the accommodation.

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Safebooking Covid Pure Morzine

Winter 2020/21

Resort Hygiene Measures

Advice from the Morzine tourist office...

This winter, more than ever we’ll want to experience the joys of skiing, of freedom and nature, but we will want to feel safe while we do so. The mountains offer an incredible natural playground, and with the vast space of the Portes du Soleil spread out across 600km of skiing, there is plenty of space for everyone to feel at ease as they enjoy the fresh air.

We’re taking safety seriously and are busy working on what is needed to ensure you can relax and enjoy time in Morzine. The summer season enabled us to put lots of measures into place, that will be carried over into winter, but adapted as necessary according to how the situation and government guidelines evolve.

Strict hygiene measures will be in place, activities will be specially adapted, but the same fresh open spaces will be available to enjoy in safety.

We will keep everyone updated as more information becomes available.

How is this winter going to operate?

The following measures have been put in place to help you safely enjoy your time in our beautiful mountains.

To ensure Morzine remains Covid free, the town hall has stated that everyone must wear a face mask whilst in the resort center. This includes walking around and when visiting shops/super markets etc. Please read below for bars and restaurants.

For your comfort we also recommend having sanitiser hand gel with you. You can purchase both face masks and hand sanitiser at the local supermarket.

Pure Morzine COVID 19 Stations

The lifts...
As per the French government update on the 20/01/21, all ski lifts across the entire country (including the French side of the Portes du Soleil) are to remain closed until at least the end of February. The Portes du Soleil ski area will aim to re-open as of March (we are currently waiting for an exact date from the French government.)

A lift system to feel safe on! New procedures were put into place across the Portes du Soleil this summer to ensure the safety of everyone. The lift companies implemented all health and safety measures specified by the government. The national operating body for ski areas will announce national guidelines this autumn, but we can expect to see similar measures for the winter.

Currently the Portes du Soleil lift operators are not planning to reduce numbers on the lifts, but keep 100% of capacity this winter. Please check the latest news before travelling as restrictions could come into place if governments change the current rules.

Current planed safety measures on the Morzine-Les Gets ski area are as follows:

> Wearing a mask is compulsory in the waiting areas, at boarding and on the ski lifts.
> No limitation on the number of visitors to the ski area has been set to date.
> You are encouraged to buy online to beat the queues and avoid contact with people - BUY DISCOUNTED SKI PASSES DIRECTLY FROM PURE MORZINE.
> Observe social distancing when queuing (ground markings in the waiting areas at the checkout).
> All staff will have face masks that need to be worn when in contact with clients.
> Hand sanitizer will be available at checkouts and at the entrance to ski lifts.

Ski schools...
Several measures are being taken for your children’s safety:

> Wearing of the mask is obligatory at the beginning and end of the lessons, for the instructor and for everyone aged 11 and over.
> There is currently no planned limit on the number of skiers in group lessons.
> In the booking offices and all interior spaces, mask wearing is obligatory, hand gel is available and all surfaces are regularly disinfected.
> All material/equipment on loan (bibs, DVA, etc.) is disinfected between each use.
> We advise you to contact the ski schools directly for more detailed information on their conditions for hosting students, bookings and cancellations.

Ski Hire...
You will need to wear a mask in the shops, and hand gel is available. All material is disinfected between each rental.

Restaurants and bars...
As per the French governments announcement on the 24/11/20 all bars and restaurants throughout the country will remain closed for the foreseeable future. However, restaurants will be able to continue to offer deliveries and take-away dishes during this period.

Once allowed by the relevant authorities, Morzine's restaurants and bars will be all open and ready for you. Extra sanitary measures have been put in place as per government guidelines:

> Face masks need to be worn by everyone over 8 years old whilst circulating inside and outside - but can be removed when sat at your table.
Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use.
> All tables and chairs will be disinfected between each use.
> Face masks will be worn at all times by staff.
> Access will be controlled with distancing measures and one way circulation where possible.
> Groups will be separated by a minimum of one meter between each table.

Free bus services...
Morzine's free shuttle bus services and petit train are operational as usual this winter, however there will be some sanitary and distancing measures in place.

Face masks/buffs need to be worn by those over 11 years old whilst on the bus.
> All buses will be regularly disinfected.
> Please wash/disinfect your hands before getting on.
> Keep a distance of one meter between yourself when at the bus stop (this does not apply to people in the same family/group).
> Sit next to the window and leave the aisle seat vacant (this does not apply to people in the same family/group).
> Leave your seat clean and tidy upon disembarking.
> You will also need to wear a mask/buff whilst using the petit train.

View the bus timetable

The following events are currently still planned:

> Morzine Takes Care of You / 8-12 March
> Finales des Foyers de Ski de Fond 74 / 10 March
> Tournoi des Douanes / 23-25 March
> Course des Champions / 4 April
> La Bagui / 11 April

We are not yet 100% sure that all these events will take place. For the moment we are continuing, in close collaboration with the organisers and the local government, to advance with the organisation of these events, and planning all necessary adaptations linked to the current sanitary measures.

Participants must of course be prepared for an event with changes from the usual functioning, where everyone must be ready to adapt to respect the new rules and the safety of everyone at each event.

View all events during your stay

Swimming Centre...
Due to new restrcitions, the swimming centre has unfortunately had to close until further notice. It will re-open as soon as possible.

The swimming centre will be open for the winter season.

To assure a smooth opening, measures have been put into place to follow government guidelines:

> Advance reservation is highly recommended - book your visit here.
> Face masks will need to be worn at all times whilst circulating inside the swimming pool complex.
> There is the possibility to access the swimming centre without reservation, however this is on a first come - first served basis and places will be limited.
> Please put your bathing suit on before arrival.
> You must shower (with soap/shower gel) before swimming.
> Please respect the distancing measures and barrier gestures.
> The number of visitors at any one time will be reduced accordingly.
> Reinforcement of regular cleaning and disinfection.
> A one way system will be in place to navigate the centre.

Indoor pools:
> Changing are rooms available (limited to 14).
> The 3 pools (paddling, beginner and 25m) will be open.
> No deckchairs and the spa area is not accessible.

The situation may change depending on the rules announced by the government.

Travelling to resort...
All airport minibus and taxi services are enforcing mask wearing during the journey and asking clients to use the provided hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle.

Morzine is one of the closest resorts to from the UK, Holland, Belgium and Northern France. If you prefer not to fly, you can find details of how to reach us by other means - view our How to get to Morzine: An expert’s guide.

Tourist Office Opening...
The Morzine-Avoriaz Tourist Office will be open all day everyday during the winter season.

Access will be controlled with distancing measures, one way circulation and marking on the floor. Sanitiser gel is available at the entrance.

All local businesses in Morzine are implementing the hygiene and safety measures necessary to ensure your safety. Morzine businesses are engaged in applying the directives and recommendations, and are implementing extra cleaning measures and providing hand gels.

You will also see safety notices around the village as we rely on everyone to act to protect yourselves and others. At the time of writing a mask needs to be worn in the village centre at all times, please respect these rules if they remain in force for the winter.

And don’t forget that skiing is an activity that takes part outside, with equipment such as gloves and goggles, that help protect users!

For this winter, rest assured that we will continue to adapt and implement the appropriate health and safety measures to make sure your stay in Morzine is both the unforgettable holiday you’ve been dreaming of, and safe.

Your well-being is our priority

Our Precautionary Sanitary Measures

As always, we take client well-being very seriously and in addition to our already exceptionally high cleaning standards we have adopted some extra precautionary sanitary measures.

Pure Morzine Toiletries 2

For your comfort we will be carrying out a second disinfection of the property ready for your arrival, including:

- All light switches, exterior door/window handles, radiator thermostats and any other handles/knobs (kitchen units, door codes, hand rails, cupboards, keys etc.).

- Any other frequently used surfaces/areas such: remote controls, safes, Bluetooth speakers, games console controllers, chairs, welcome guide etc.

- Any surplus items will be removed e.g crockery, cushions and decorations etc.

- As per normal there will be hand soaps and toilet rolls in all bathrooms.

- In addition to this we will also provide a hand sanitiser at the entrance of each property and a pack of disinfecting hand wipes for you to use during your stay.

- Our team members will be equipped with face masks, latex gloves and hand sanitiser during cleaning and when welcoming you into the property.

(- As per our standard practice, all our Jacuzzi’s are sanitised with chlorine/bromine on a daily basis and are completely changed over [fresh water and filters] every week.)

Once this secondary cleaning has been finished, each room will be sprayed with disinfectant and the property locked until your arrival.

Chalet Bechna Pure Morzine 1