Awesome Ski Chalets in Morzine

When it comes to ski chalets in Morzine, there is a lot of choice out there...

But, the quality of chalets can vary a lot and you don't want to pick a dud!

To help you find the right Morzine ski chalet we've put together some recommended chalets for different types of holiday makers.

Sound good? Let's dive right in...

Awesome Ski Chalets in Morzine

Our Best Ski Chalets in Morzine for Families

Morzine is a very family friendly ski resorts but going on ski holiday with family can be a challenge.

There is a lot to think about:

- Is the ski chalet going to be suitable for the kids?
- Will there be enough space for everyone?
- Will the chalet be well located for getting to ski lessons?

Below are our chalets that are best suited to family winter holidays and answer yes to all those questions.

Family in front of ski chalet fire

Featured Ski Chalet: Chalet Marie

Morzine marie ski chalet

Sleeps 12

Chalet Marie is a brilliant choice for big family ski holidays.

It is brand new (built in 2018), sleeps 12 people and has enough space for everyone to relax.

Marie is right in the centre of Morzine. Shops, bars and restaurants are all minutes walk and the local bakery will even deliver to the front door.

After a day on the slopes, you can wind down in the full size sauna and outdoor hot tub. Nice!

  View Chalet Marie

Other Recommended Ski Chalets for Families

Morzine pleney ski chalet

Chalet Plénay

Sleeps 10

If your kids are taking ski lessons on the Pleney in Morzine, this is the ski chalet for you.

It's located 40m from the beginner pistes and the Pleney telecabine which take you up into the mountains.

You really can't get a better position!

  View Chalet Plénay
Morzine les forclettes ski chalet

Chalet Les Forclettes

Sleeps 8

Chalet Les Forclettes is perfect for smaller family groups as it sleeps 8.

It is situated in the beautiful Prodains valley, a five minutes walk from the Avoriaz telecabine.

The chalet features a second games lounge (a great hit with kids) and an outdoor hot tub (a great hit with everyone).

  View Chalet Les Forclettes

Our Morzine Ski Chalets: Brilliant for Friends Ski Trips

The annual "friends ski trip" is a tradition and Morzine is a brilliant resort for it.

A huge ski area, brilliant aprés scene and loads of great nightlife – what's not to love.

Each year, it always falls to you to find the right ski chalet. But that's ok, you're the organiser...

If you're ready to knock this year's ski holiday out the park then pick from our ski chalets below. Your friends will thank you.

Freinds enjoying ski chalet in Morzine

Featured Ski Chalet: Chalet Bech'na

Morzine Family Ski Chalet Bech'na

Sleeps 12

Chalet Bech'na is a peach of a ski chalet if you're coming to Morzine with a group of friends.

It's a big chalet so there will be plenty of room for everyone and the open plan lounge/dining room means it's very sociable space.

From the chalet you can stroll to Morzine's bars and restaurants in 7 minutes.

There is a massive outdoor hot tub which is perfect for a post-ski soak (with a glass of wine – why not!).

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Other Recommended Ski Chalets in Morzine for Friends

Morzine Family Ski Chalet Evelyn

Chalet Evelyn

Sleeps 10

A beautiful ski chalet in a beautiful location – that's Chalet Evelyn.

It's sleeps 10, is five minute walk from the Avoriaz telecabine and local bars and restaurants.

The cherry on top is that Evelyn has a full size sauna to help you de-stress and detox.

  View Chalet Evelyn
Morzine Family Ski Chalet Maire

Chalet Marie

Sleeps 12

If you friends want to ski hard, party hard and chill hard then Chalet Marie is a great choice.

It's located in 2 minutes walk from loads of bars and features an outdoor hot tub and a sauna.

Throw in the huge lounge with 65" TV and you're onto a winner.

  View Chalet Marie

Our Awesome Morzine Ski Chalets with Hot Tubs

Hot tubs – you either love them or hate them!

I'm guessing as you're reading about renting a ski chalets with a hot tub in Morzine then you're probably a lover.

So, dive into the warm bubbling waters of our recommended hot tub ski chalets.

All the chalets are top notch and all the hot tubs are sure to soothe those aching legs after a hard day of skiing.

Hot Tub in ski chalet morzine

Featured Ski Chalet: Chalet Haut-Forts

Morzine Hot Tub Ski Chalet Haut-Forts

Sleeps 11

Want to relax in a hot tub under the stars?

Then Chalet Haut-Forts is for you.

Chalet Haut-Forts is located in the Prodains valley so there are less bright lights than in the centre of Morzine town. That means the stars in the night sky are much more visible from your bubbling outdoor hot tub.

  View Chalet Haut-Forts

Our Other Recommended Hot Tub Ski Chalets

Morzine Hot Tub Ski Chalet Les Forclettes

Chalet Les Forclettes

Sleeps 8

Les Forclettes is next door to Chalet Haut-Forts (mentioned above) and therefore it has many of the same benefits...

Ski to the door at the end of the day. Relax in your cosy chalet and then jump in the hot tub under the stars.

The main difference is that Les Forclettes sleeps less people so it perfect if you're a smaller group.

  View Chalet Les Forclettes
Morzine Hot Tub Ski Chalet Bech'na

Chalet Bech'na

Sleeps 12

Chalet Bech'na has the biggest hot tub of all our chalets, so if you want to feel like a hot tub queen (or king) get yourself to Bech'na.

It is also a very private hot tub.

The chalet is located a few minutes walk from town and the hot tub is tucked away round the back of the chalet.

  View Chalet Bech'na

Our Ski In Ski Out Chalets in Morzine

Ski in ski out chalets in Morzine are extremely rare.

Because Morzine isn't a purpose built ski town it just isn't laid out that way.

However, we run some of the only true ski in ski out accommodation in Morzine – our apartments at the bottom of the Pléney.

We also have some ski-to-door ski chalets. That means you can ski home but have to walk a short distance to get your first lift in the morning.

Interested? There's more below.

Map of ski in ski out chalet in Morzine

Featured Ski Chalet: Our Apartments

Morzine Ski in Ski out Apartments

Sleeps 4-8

We have 3 apartments (sleeping 4, 5 & 8 people) situated at the bottom of the Pleney.

From these apartments you can ski across to the Pleney Telecabine in the morning and ski home off Piste B at the end of the day.

Not only are our apartments ski in ski out, they are also 2 minutes walk from the bars and restaurants in Morzine town.

You can not be better placed in Morzine.

  View Apartments

Other Recommended Ski In Ski Out Chalets

Morzine Ski in Ski out Plénay

Chalet Plénay

Sleeps 10

Chalet Plénay is almost at good as ski in ski out.

It is located 40m from the Pleney telecabine and the pistes that come down to it.

All you have to do is pop off you skis, cross the road, and you're home.

  View Chalet Plénay
Morzine Ski in Ski out Evelyn

Chalet Evelyn

Sleeps 10

Chalet Evelyn is a ski-to-door chalet.

In the morning it is a 5 minute walk to the Avoriaz telecabine, in the evening your can ski back to the door of your chalet.

It's a fantastic location in a beautiful area of Morzine.

  View Chalet Evelyn

Our Beautiful Self Catered Ski Chalets in Morzine

Booking a self catered ski chalet is a great way to enjoy your next ski holiday on your own terms.

If you rent one of our Morzine ski chalets you don't need to worry about being awake by a specific time for breakfast or being home late for dinner.

Our recommendations below (and all of our accommodation) have well equipped kitchens and lovely dining areas. Everything you need but nothing you don't.

Self Catered Morzine Ski Chalet

Featured Ski Chalet: La Réserve

Morzine Self Catered Ski Chalet Le Réserve

Sleeps 6

Chalet La Réserve is a brilliant ski chalet for those looking to self-cater.

It has a huge kitchen that is part of an open plan living space, so whoever is cooking the feast can still be sociable.

La Réserve is less than 10 minutes walk from Morzine's supermarket so getting tasty supplies is easy.

  View Chalet La Réserve

Our Other Recommended Self Catered Ski Chalets

Morzine Self Catered Ski Chalet Marie

Chalet Marie

Sleeps 12

Chalet Marie is an amazing self-catered ski chalet.

It's open plan lounge/dining room/kitchen means that the chef for the night will still be part of the aprés ski party.

The chalet is 3 minutes walk from the supermarket (and the bakery) so the goodies are easy at hand.

  View Chalet Marie
Morzine Self Catered Ski Chalet Haut-Forts

Chalet Haut-Forts

Sleeps 11

Chalet Haut-Forts is another brilliant self-catering chalet.

Sitting down for a home-cooked meal, looking out over the forest of the Prodains valley is such a lovely cosy experience.

The kitchen is well equipped for even the most enthusiastic home-chef.

  View Chalet Haut-Forts

Our Catered Ski Chalets in Morzine (With a Twist)

If you don't want to cook whilst on your ski holiday then a catered ski chalet can be a great option.

But, sometime a fully catered ski chalet can be too rigid. What if you want to go out to a restaurant a few nights of your holiday?

That's why we offer flexi catered ski chalets by teaming up with Chalet Kitchen.

Flexi catering allow you to have delicious food delivered to the chalet on some days, and cook yourselves or eat out on others.

The best of both worlds.

Catering at ski chalet

Featured Chalet: Chalet Les Forclettes

Morzine Catered ski chalet Les Forclettes

Sleeps 8

Chalet Les Forclettes is a beautiful ski chalet in a beautiful location.

Add in beautiful food delivered to you on a flexible basis and you're really onto a winner. Chalet Kitchen provide this service at Les Forclettes.

Alternatively, if you want a full catering package, you could hire a chef for the week through Alps2Atlantic.

  View Chalet Les Forclettes

Our Other Recommended Ski Chalets (with Flexible Catering)

Morzine Catered ski chalet Evelyn

Chalet Evelyn

Sleeps 10

Chalet Evelyn is tucked away in the snowy Prodains valley.

It's a picture perfect place to enjoy your chalet, friends and great food.

Ski back to your door and then enjoy restaurant quality food in your chalet on a flexible basis.

  View Chalet Evelyn
Morzine Catered ski chalet Bech'na

Chalet Bech'na

Sleeps 12

What screams ski chalet holiday more than relaxing in your hot tub whilst someone else prepares you dinner?

Not much.

Our flexible catering service and the XL hot tub at Chalet Bech'na can make that a reality.

  View Chalet Bech'na
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